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Zoologist Perfumes has become an essential landmark on the long map of niche perfumery. Its concept is simple yet effective: each fragrance captures the essence and personality of a specific animal, evoking its habitat, behaviour, and characteristics – Zoologist explodes an idea and ingenuity takes care of the rest.

Founded by Victor Wong in 2013, this Canadian company has continued to flourish, and employs noses as diverse as their creatures. Zoologist respects the stylistic individuality of these perfumers so no two animals are ever quite the same. Each and every one feels distinctively different, and are imbued with life and personality.

Zoologist has burgeoned with sustained success. It is award winning, highly reviewed, and well-regarded in many perfume circles. And if that wasn't enough, Zoologist's popularity frequently spikes - or 'goes viral' - with influencers across the board who praise its whimsical illustrations, rich thematic material, and occasionally shocked reactions. Perhaps that is the secret to the brand: they are eminently fascinating and curious things to be talked about. They are not only good, long-lasting and concentrated perfumes, but interesting ones too.

  • Canadian made.
  • With the exception of Bee and Hyrax*, Zoologist is 100% animal-product free, and all are free from natural animal-derived musks.
    *Bee employs beeswax, and Hyrax uses hyraceum, a petrified ‘African Stone’ by-product.
  • Interesting, evocative, brilliant perfumes of notable concentration. Beautifully packaged, attentive to the finest details. These are story-telling fragrances that happen to be wearable! 
  • Zoologist employs a diverse range of notable perfumers and talents, including Prin Lomros, Cristiano Canali, Celine Barel, Antonio Gardoni, Nathalie Feisthauer, Julien Rasquinet, and Rosendo Mateu, to name a few.
  • Zoologist’s most popular scents are Bee, Squid, Hummingbird, and T-Rex.
  • Sample Packs offer an opportunity to explore the range in a focussed and thematic way.
  • Look out for limited-edition packaging!