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P Frapin & Cie

Since 1270, the artisanal, family-owned Frapin has been refining its methods of producing Cognac to yield some of the best in the world. P Frapin & Cie fragrances underline the relationship between two exceptional crafts; both Cognac and perfume intoxicate our senses and their common fragrances - dried fruit, flowers, spices, wood, vanilla - can both flatter the palate or adorn the skin. Produced on a small scale to preserve their outstanding quality, each fragrance bottle comes topped with a beechwood cap sculpted by a master craftsman, a reference to the fact that it is the wood of casks, as much as the grape, which imparts its flavour to cognac.

Frapin fragrances extend this pleasing boozy concept across all of their works, skillfully capturing the best of this theme. To explore their most popular scents, begin the tasting flight with 1270, which captures all the aromas found in a snifter of Cognac, where tropical fruit and candied citrus peels are wrapped in a warm ambery glow.

Then move onto the refreshing L'Humaniste, which moves into an effervescent gin and tonic with a generous dose of aromatic herbs. To conclude, end with a sweet and sour cocktail via The Orchid Man. Taking the classic masculine accord of amber, patchouli, and citrus, it is shaken with ice to create a distinctive, yet universally lovable fragrance.

  • Small scale fragrances from the 13th century old Cognac maker based in the Grande-Champagne region of France.
  • Frapin underscores the relationship between Cognac and perfume, and the primacy of the sense of smell and its relationship to taste.
  • 1270, L'Humaniste, and The Orchid Man are Men's Biz customer favourites. For an unexpected pleasure, Speakeasy mixes rum into a Mojito, and adds an exotic dose of Havana tobacco and rose.