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Knize was founded in 1858 as a prestigious Viennese men's tailoring house servicing the Royal Court and the elite. Their first fragrance, Knize Ten, was launched in 1925 and not only counts as one of the first men's fragrances, but also remains one of the best leather fragrances available on the market.

Knize Ten has captured the attention of the refined since it was release. A dry, mature leather, Knize Ten is a leather fragrance with a dose of aromatic herbs. The bottle was designed by legendary architect Alfred Loos, and the scent itself was made by the equally legendary perfumers Francois Coty and Vincent Robert.

Knize Ten Golden Edition was released in 2000 to celebrate 75 years of the original Knize Ten.

  • A gentleman's outfitter based in Vienna, Austria - perhaps best known around the world for their toiletries.
  • It is easy to neglect Knize's other offerings. Knize Forest is a refreshing alpine tonic, and Knize Ten Golden Edition gives a powerful lift to the classic leather note of Knize Ten.