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Bogue Profumo

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Bogue Profumo

Italian architect and designer turned perfumer Antonio Gardoni is the nose behind Bogue Profumo, who works at night when the light doesn’t adulterate the chemicals and the smells of the day disappear. Gardoni works in the shadows, which keeps open the space for experimentation - creating scents with ancient techniques and modern intuitions. His works are experiences rendered in long form; highly-structured narratives with distinctive movements and parts. It is highly redolent of grand perfumery, rich with naturals.

“From the infusion in alcohol of resins, woods, roots and metals I create some of the solvents I use to dissolve rare and high quality raw ingredients found in my trips. From steam distillation I extract the essential oils to create odours and fragrances. From architecture and design I learned how to build by layers and to think by subtraction. My perfumes are rooms to discover with their mood, texture, light and colour”.

• Italian ‘indie’ perfumery. Bogue has a small yet concentrated offering of highly complex fragrances, meant to be worn repeatedly, in order to have the best and fullest possible experience of them. They are rich with natural materials and this is reflected in their indelible scent and trail.

• In addition to his work as an architect and a perfumer, Gardoni has also been a judge for the prestigious Art & Olfaction Awards.

• MEM and MAAI are both highly lauded, earning a perfect 5 and 4 stars respectively by Luca Turin. MEM is a lavender perfume, and its promise is simple yet bold: to radicalise the lavender, which hasn’t been done since Jicky (Guerlain, 1889). MAAI on the other hand, is a symphony of ingredients dominated by floral and moss notes. It is an homage to a vintage era. 

• Antonio Gardoni divides his time between architecture and perfumery following his passions, instinct and taste to create unique and unforgettable projects in both disciplines.