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FZOTIC, pronounced ‘fah-zo-tic’, or ‘fah-ZA-tic’ with an American twang, is true ‘indie’ and self-taught perfumery out of San Francisco, dedicated to infusing artistry into everyday life. A relatively young brand, as Bruno Fazzolari’s scents spoke to increasingly more people, this hobby took on a dominant life of its own. Richly informed by the visual realm and its techniques, Bruno embraces the spontaneous impact of colour, who works at the materials of perfumery with an adept hand to create scents that are striking yet assume measured form and proportion. Bruno has an eye and nose for density and texture, applying his material with various brushstrokes, so that they mark, dash, melt, layer, and take shape on the olfactory canvas.

“Everyone deserves to find a scent that tells their personal story, far from the cookie-cutter perfumes of the department store. FZOTIC favours the bold. My fragrances aren't for everyone, but since you aren't everyone, they might fit you just right.” – Bruno Fazzolari

  • American made.
  • A truly artistic brand favouring small-quantity, high-quality production.
  • Lampblack is highly praised, and was notably given a four-star review by the perfume critic Luca Turin. It is an associative exploration of the colour black.
  • Ummagumma has a cult-like popularity. It is sticky and rich with tonka and resins.
  • FZOTIC's clay soaps are artisanal and exceptional, offering outstanding skincare and gorgeous fragrance. They are generous and enriched with olive oil and shea butter.
  • Be colourful!