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Rogue Perfumery

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Rogue Perfumery

Pastiche encapsulates the Rogue brand, crafted by American perfume hobbyist turned nose Manuel Cross since 2017. His small-batch and artisanal fragrances are an homage to the scents of yesteryear, which evoke distinct memories of familiarity and nostalgia. Celebrating the timeless nature of certain forms and combinations in perfumery, Rogue preserves olfactory history and sensibility, updated with modern knowhow and ingredients. 

“The type of person who wears Rogue Perfumery is daring and not content to smell like everyone else”

  • Self-taught perfumer Manuel Cross isn't following in anyone’s footsteps; his nose is his guide. Made in the USA

  • Consider Mousse Illuminee, an unmistakable scent with a tremendous trail. The dry warmth of bitter mosses and herbs, frankincense, and pine notes reach and radiate, it makes shadows shine.

  • Bon Monsieur is another favourite. Pure nostalgia, it is rich with quality lavender absolute and oakmoss, creating a classic and refined gentleman’s fragrance. A true and unfussy Aromatic Fougère.

  • Make note of the brand’s retro Art Deco details, including strong geometric shaped labels and gilded patterns.