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Shaving Products - New Zealand

You shave daily, so why not make it enjoyable? Our extensive selection of men's shaving products can turn your daily shave into a delightful ritual. With years of expertise in the shaving industry, we provide the finest products to enhance your shaving experience and cater to your specific needs.

The Perfect Tool For The Job

There are numerous shaving tools available, each designed to meet various demands and provide unique benefits.

We highly recommend Double Edge Razors, known for their effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and stylish appearance. Built to last a lifetime with replaceable blades, they offer a consistently excellent, irritation-free shave.

For traditionalists, Straight Razors are unmatched. Rich in tradition and ceremonial appeal, they feature beautifully ornate details. Pairing a Straight Razor with a leather strop from Dovo Solingen ensures the ultimate shaving experience. For those who prefer a straightforward approach, Electric Shavers and Cartridge Razors are ideal choices.

A Brush With Excellence: Shaving Brushes

We advocate for ethical, high-quality Shaving Brushes. Brushes are essential for creating a rich lather that is evenly applied to the face. The finest bristles retain heat and feel soft on the skin, while a well-crafted handle offers a sturdy, comfortable grip. Travel Shaving Brushes are compact and portable, maintaining their quality and effectiveness.

All The Essentials: Shaving Creams, Soaps, Balms, and Lotions

Shaving without a lubricant is unthinkable, as it forms a protective barrier between your skin and the blade, allowing for a close, effortless shave.

Shaving Creams are easy to lather and also come in travel-friendly tubes. Hard Shaving Soaps, often housed in elegant containers and refillable, require a brush to lather and last exceptionally long. Both options come in various scents and are enriched with skin-soothing ingredients. Shaving Foams are quick and convenient, while Shaving Gels and Shaving Oils are transparent, allowing for precise shaving.

Adieu to razor burn, bumps, ingrown hairs, and nicks. Our products are designed to prevent and treat these issues, with Pre-shaves providing extra protection and Aftershaves soothing and softening the skin.

Shaving Accessories

We offer a range of accessories, including replacement parts, sharpening tools, razor cases, toiletry bags, brush stands, and more. The right accessory can make a significant difference in your shaving routine.