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Firsthand Supply

Firsthand Supply believes in real care - which puts people first and values how they live and how this can be transformed. Their hair and body products employ clean and good ingredients, forming a confident connection between brand and user. American-based, Firsthand is conceptualised, designed, formulated, and manufactured in-house, allowing the ultimate in quality control and assurance with a tight supply chain. Responsibly packed in recycled materials, sustainability is a priority. These products are for anybody with hair, and function at the highest level

  • Firsthand offers premium hair styling products beloved by many and our barbers alike. The best choice for your hair and our planet, utilising my clean and plant-based ingredients that leave the hair feeling healthy and nourished while styling.

  • The shampoo and conditioner duo cleans and revitalises, whilst being gentle on the hair, preserving its natural equilibrium.

  • Well-recognised and awarded.

  • Firsthand makes a clear statement about their impact: clean and good ingredients (free of many nasties and cruelty free) in environmentally conscious (and attractive) packaging. 

  • All products made in Peabody, Massachusetts (USA).