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The Gym Bag Grooming Essentials

Lite Shampoo Firsthand All Purpose Pomade MenScience deodorant

No matter the current state of your exercise routine – from aspirational to actual, treadmill dabbler to fully-fledged fitness fanatic – exercise is a total experience beyond the workout itself, and there are many products we can make use of to benefit this part of our day.

A dedicated toiletry bag loaded with grooming essentials makes special of routine, with products especially reserved for the gym routine. After you’ve put in the hard work at the gym to look and feel like the very best version of yourself, extending this with quality products is a natural complement to all of this effort.

In this article, we’ve selected products that keep up with the high intensity of a workout: restorative products that seamlessly carry you into the next phase of your day, whatever (and wherever) that may be. Exercise is an exertion - and these bring your body back into equilibrium, inside and out. Even more, our picks favour convenience and sensible sizes, in handy pumps, tubes, and durable packaging.

Tooletries The Koby Lite Toiletry Bag

This Dopp bag was made with durability in mind - and is deeply forgiving of even the roughest handling. Made from a leather-like silicone, it is impervious to water and easy to clean inside and out. Spacious enough to contain the most essential parts of a grooming kit, without becoming a cumbersome piece to lug around.

Patricks Shampoo Lite

This is a no-fuss shampoo that wouldn’t dream of skimping on quality or efficacy. And although it might be a generalist in terms of its functions - it excels in all of them. Formulated with powerful actives, tripeptides, dynamic plant-based extracts, and gentle cleansing agents - with use, hair is rid of build-up, including product, sweat and excess oil, whilst optimising scalp health and promoting strong growth. Housed in a squeezy soft tube, it’s non-fiddly, compact, and easy to use.

Tabac Original Luxury Hand & Body Soap

Cleansing the body with soap is an imperative when it comes to post-gym grooming, all the better if it's easy to transport and store with each and every use. For this reason, we've elected Tabac's Soap which comes in a handy case - it's a comforting soap you can use anywhere, with a timeless blend of herbs and tobacco bound to naturally derived fats and glycerin.    

Lab Series All-In-One Multi-Action Face Wash

In a conveniently sized tube, this cleanser from Lab Series is indeed multi-action, with cleansing, exfoliating, and refreshing qualities. After an intensive workout, removing sweat and excess oil is primary for maintaining healthy and clear skin, while its mild abrasive action ensures a deep cleansing scrub. The end result is supremely satisfying, as the skin feels cool and revitalised thanks to peppermint oil and menthol, soft to the touch and restored with moisturising and hydrating factors.

MenScience Advanced Deodorant

Smell fresh, and keep smelling fresh, with a deodorant applied before and after a gym session. MenScience Advanced Deodorant is a straightforward roll-on that provides long-lasting odour control without drying, irritating, or staining clothes. Formulated to fight bacteria without aluminium or other antiperspirants, it respects the natural process of sweat flushing out toxins - all without the nasty smells attached to it. Swipe and go!

Anthony Wake Up Call Hydrating Gel

For those who especially like to hit the gym in the morning, keep up the good glow of circulation with this Wake Up Call Hydrating Gel from Anthony. In a double movement it soothes as it invigorates. With crucial hydrating, depuffing, and anti-inflammatory action - this gel formulation goes on lightly and is readily absorbed by the skin. Caffeine and menthol provide a cool and refreshing sensation that works tired and dull skin - working inside, out. It won’t make up for a poor night’s sleep, but it certainly approximates it.

Clinique for Men Super Energizer Anti-Fatigue Depuffing Eye Gel

Keeping up with the anti-fatigue theme, this Eye Gel from Clinique is beloved for its convenience and its effectiveness, packaged in an uncomplicated rollerball format. Applied to the skin around the eyes, it instantly energises and brightens, as hyaluronic acid draws moisture to plump the skin and caffeine gets to work on dark circles. The area around the eyes often reveal the first signs of ageing, and a little bit of care here is well rewarded.

Firsthand Supply All-Purpose Pomade

Restore a kempt look to your hair after a workout (and a shower) with a versatile and lightweight pomade, such as Firsthand Supply’s All-Purpose Pomade. Apply lightly for a natural hold and look, or work a bit more in for a more deliberate appearance - styled with a convenient pocket comb, of course. A gym toiletry bag ought to ease the transition from a workout to the outside world without awkwardness or interruption, and this styling product from Firsthand Supply is designed to work with your hair - never asking too much of it.

Etat Libre d’Orange You Or Someone Like You

Invigorate on the aromatic level with a scent that sparks, bursts, and flashes like Etat Libre d’Orange’s You Or Someone Like You. It’s the perfect fragrance that works a vibrant complex of grapefruit, mint, blackcurrant, and grassy notes. These instantly agreeable notes radiate, surrounding the wearer in an extended sensation of freshness, anchored with musk and hedione - a molecule that gives tenacity and floral-freshness. It keeps the wearer feeling light, as if floating on a sunbeam.