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Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin

Skin Care Routine for Sensitive Skin

What is sensitive skin?

Sensitive skin often experiences redness, dryness and irritation, usually aggravated by certain ingredients. Skin feels tight and itchy, and pores are small. If you're not sure what causes your skin to react, always do a 24 hour patch test before using a new product.

Step 1: Cleanse

Why? Remove dirt and oil your skin naturally collects.
When? Twice a day, morning and night.
What? Jack Black Pure Clean Facial Cleanser

Use a gentle cream cleanser that's free from sulphates and fragrances. 

Step 2: Tone

Why? Remove dirt and oil missed when cleansing, and prime the skin for moisturiser.
When? Twice a day, morning and night, after washing your face.
What? LAB SERIES Daily Rescue Water Lotion

Toner can help to remove excess oils and prime skin, allowing moisturisers and serums to apply more evenly and penetrate deeper into your skin. 

Step 3: Treat

Why? If you want to target a specific issue, such as fine lines and wrinkles, or need an extra boost of moisture, then look at adding a serum to your routine.
When? 1-2 times a day, after toning.
What? Jack Black Protein Booster Skin Serum

Like the vitamin-packed shot you add to your juice, serums are highly concentrated, fast acting and effective.

Step 4: Moisturise

Why? Restore and trap moisture in the skin.  
When? Twice a day, morning and night, after toning and/or applying serum.
What? Jack Black Dry-Erase Ultra Calming Face Cream

Choose a product that is free from synthetic fragrances to hydrate and calm without irritating. If your moisturiser doesn't contain any SPF, always apply a sunscreen afterwards.

Step 5: Exfoliate

Why? Remove dead skin cells, revitalise complexion and prep the skin for shaving.
When? 2-3 times a week, after cleansing.
What? Jack Black DIY Power Peel Resurfacing Pads

Sensitive skin isn't exempt from exfoliating, but you will need to be cautious about what you use. Avoid any product containing abrasive scrubbing particles, and instead try a gentle alternative such as an AHA serum or exfoliating pads.