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Dead Straight: The Best Hair Products for Men with Super Straight Hair

Dead Straight: The Best Hair Products for Men with Super Straight Hair

Dead straight hair can be something of a double-edged sword for those on whom it naturally grows. In terms of hair type, it is the ultimate blank canvas from which any and all styles can be created, but is often times equally frustrating for its floppy and lacklustre natural state. A lifeless limp fringe can be envy-inducing towards those who enjoy organic texture and kink in their genetically bequeathed head of heightened hair.  

If you are the bittersweet possessor of super straight hair, a wide range of hardworking men’s hair products can work chameleonic wonders for even the flattest and faltering dead straight tresses.

Depending on your hair length and the severity of your straightness, medium to high hold styling products that offer pliability, added volume and texture are usually best suited. Try applications to dry and damp hair to see which finish works best for you. And if gravity takes its toll as the day progresses despite your best styling efforts, opt next time to cement your look in place with a high-power hairspray.   

With some sharp and studied knowledge from the MEN’S BIZ barber crew, scroll on for the best hair product ideally suited to men with super straight hair.

Jack Black Sleek Finish Texture Cream

A shaping cream that provides long-lasting, flexible control with added texture. Non-greasy and conditions the hair, giving a controlled and sleek finish. Limp and floppy hair resistant. For a slicked back style, apply to damp hair and blow dry into place.

Ideal for: Medium to long length straight hair, particularly suited to dry, damaged, normal or thick hair types

Hold: Flexible light hold
Finish: Natural shine

Scent: Rosemary and olive fruit fragrance

Layrite Original Pomade

An old-school pomade providing medium all-day hold. Can be used to create classic ‘wet’ styles or more modern looks with a medium shine. Well suited to quiffs, pompadours and slicked back styles.

Ideal for: Short to medium length straight hair, of fine to normal thickness

Hold: Flexible medium hold
Finish: Medium shine

Scent: Mild vanilla fragrance

Triumph & Disaster Karekare Tonic Natural Sea Salt Spray

Dead straight hair often requires blow drying to achieve certain looks and styles. Sea salt spray is the perfect primer product to texture and protect the hair before using a blow dryer.

Ideal for: All straight hair types and lengths

Hold: Textured and lightweight
Finish: ‘Just-from-the-sea’ appearance

Scent: Herbal extracts 

Patricks S2 Shine Medium Hold Pomade

A non-greasy, crunch-free medium hold pomade which adds depth and versatile control. Its medium satin sheen finish is the perfect middle ground between glossy and matte. Perfect for clean and refined styles that offer a bit of movement and leeway.

Ideal for: Short to medium length hair, particularly effective for thinning, damaged, thin and thick straight hair types

Hold: Medium
Finish: Medium shine

Scent: Neroli and dark cedar fragrance

Notable achievements: British GQ Award Finalist

American Crew Boost Powder

A grippy matte finish powder that provides lift, thickness and texture. This unique product binds, thickens and bulks up the hair from root to tip. Perfect for voluminous styles like dramatic quiffs and top-heavy slick backs. Particularly effective at adding bulk to floppy or thinning hair.

Ideal for: All hair lengths, particularly effective for thinner straight hair types

Hold: Volume boosting
Finish: Matte

Scent: Odourless

Layrite Cement Clay

A powerfully pliable clay aptly named for its strength and binding prowess. Perfect for shaping and thickening even the flattest of dead straight hair. High hold but malleable, this dynamic product allows for hairstyles to be reshaped and reworked throughout the day.

Ideal for: Short to medium length straight hair, of fine to medium thickness

Hold: Pliable high hold
Finish: Matte

Scent: Mild spiced vanilla fragrance 

American Crew Light Hold Texture Lotion

A subtle softening and thickening lotion that provides lightweight control and definition for fine or thin dead straight hair. Perfect for natural, barely styled looks with added body, fullness and moisture retention. 

Ideal for: Thinner straight hair types of all lengths

Hold: Light hold

Finish: Natural low shine

Scent: Lanolin-based aroma


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