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Best Toners for Men

Best Toners for Men

Never neglect the humble toner - a significant step between cleansing and moisturising that can make a noticeable difference to your skincare routine. Toners vary according to their function, suiting different skin types according to their needs. In this article, we've handpicked the best toners to match different skin types. A few drops in the hand or doused onto a cotton pad, work the toner onto your face, starting in the centre and working your way outwards to the forehead, cheeks, chin, jawline and neck.

Best Toner for Oily Skin: Triumph & Disaster Logic Witch Hazel Toning Lotion

Triumph & Disaster’s Logic Toner is, as the name suggests, the logical choice for oily skin types, which restores balance - regulating oil production, soothing inflammation and redness, and excavating clogged pores that cause unsightly spots.

Made in New Zealand, this toner contains a unique combination of ingredients that bring the skin to a state of equilibrium. A toner needn’t be harsh in order to be effective. Featuring a spicy and natural fern aroma, this alcohol-free toner uses Salicylic Acid to gently exfoliate and clean out excess oily residue and unwanted build-up of dead skin. Oil-soluble, this beta-hydroxy acid penetrates deep into the skin without irritating it.

To hydrate, Triumph & Disaster have utilised a unique ingredient native to New Zealand - Mamaku Extract. Filled with mucopolysaccharides - long chains of sugar molecules found naturally in the body - this ingredient provides exceptional moisture to the skin. Perfect if the skin is ever feeling pulled or taut. And to soothe the skin, classic Oat Extract and Chamomile Extract are used. Both are anti-inflammatory, able to effectively soothe red and irritated skin. Chamomile is also antibacterial and antiseptic, reducing the swelling and size of current breakouts.


Best Toner for Dry and Dehydrated Skin: LAB SERIES Daily Rescue Energizing Essence

For a boost of hydration, LAB SERIES Daily Rescue Energizing Essence is pumped with ingredients that bring moisture to the skin - this includes Sodium Hyaluronate, Glycerin and Tocopheryl Acetate, all of which softens the skin and helps it retain moisture - improving its appearance and feel. Further, Bamboo Infused Water rapidly delivers moisture to the skin - this natural ingredient is rich with natural silica, essential for the creation of collagen and enzymes that form teh building-blocks of the skin.

As you apply this product, it primes the skin, synergistically improving the absorption of serums, treatments, and moisturisers. Dry skin is often dull in appearance - a dose of Ginseng and Caffeine energise the skin cells, reducing the look of fatigue.



Best Toner for Normal Skin: Baxter of California Herbal Mint Toner

While normal skin is generally balanced from the get-go, it can become oily or dry depending on factors like your location, weather and the kind of skincare products you use in your grooming routine. If you’re ever in a position where your skin loses that balance, a toner can quickly and effectively bring it back to normal. The key is using one that has a mix of both oil regulating and soothing ingredients. 

Baxter of California's Herbal Mint Toner employs Witch Hazel Water, an effective yet gentle astringent that removes excess dirt and oil, tightening the pores of the skin. This is balanced with hydrating and soothing Aloe Vera Juice, Camellia Flower ExtractCucumber Extract, and Chamomile, which conditions the skin. 

Lots of good work goes on with this product: it's loaded with several skin conditioners - amino acids  – that promote the skin's natural hydration processes and moisturising factors. We've counted 11 of them. It maintains a healthy pH balance to ensure optimal skin repair, synthesis, and regeneration.