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Five Aftershaves You Need to Try

best aftershaves for men

Best aftershaves for men

Beyond simply hydrating and restoring your skin, which are musts, the quest for the perfect aftershave boils down to two key factors: scent and texture.

If you're battling dryness, opt for a comforting aftershave balm with its rich, hydrating formula. On the other hand, if your skin tends to be on the oilier side, a brisk splash is your next go-to, swiftly absorbed without a trace of greasiness. And for those with normal skin, the lightweight yet nourishing texture of an aftershave gel strikes the perfect balance.

Whilst texture makes the difference, it is the scent of an aftershave that sets the tone, ranging from the zingiest preparations to the most calming. We’ve paid close attention to this factor too, rounding up the best aftershaves for men based on texture.


Best Aftershave Balm: Baxter of California After Shave Balm

Baxter of California's After Shave Balm is designed to restore and protect dry skin, which can become uncomfortably tight after using a variety of shaving products in your grooming routine. This is especially true if you shave every day. 

This aftershave balm nourishes with Glycerin high up in its formulation. A humectant, it absorbs moisture from its surroundings and brings it straight to your skin, locking it in. When applied, you'll even feel a welcome soothing and cooling sensation as Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Menthol get to work.

The inclusion of Tea Tree Oil makes this aftershave balm excellent for skin prone to irritation and ingrown hairs. Naturally anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory, tea tree oil calms down any redness and swelling. Alcohol-free and therefore non-irritating, it features a refreshing zingy aroma.


Best Aftershave Gel: Castle Forbes Lime Aftershave Balm

Castle Forbes offers a selection of aftershave balms, each boasting a unique aroma. Among these, the invigorating and sparkling scent of lime reigns supreme, capturing a timeless and beloved essence that has proved popular with our customers. 

Aftershave Gels are a good pick for normal skin, balancing texture with its hydrating properties. The difficulty with normal skin is that it's neither too oily or dry, so you need to use products that don't compromise this delicate balance. The balms from Castle Forbes are rich with soothing Aloe Vera which imparts a natural gel-like feel, furthered with texture-enhancing Carbomer, which also helps with the delivery of active ingredients. 

This is a gloriously cooling and refreshing fluid that applies with an impressive and confidence-giving slickness. It is enriched with softening and hydrating Glycerin as well as Witch Hazel - a shaving wonder ingredient with anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.  


Best Aftershave Splash: Santa Maria Novella Patchouli Aftershave Splash

While balms and gels offer superb hydration, aftershave splashes excel in their astringent properties, owing to their alcohol-based composition. Remarkably, they swiftly penetrate the skin, leaving behind minimal residue and an effuse scent. Aftershave splashes are particularly advantageous for individuals with oilier skin types or for those intending to layer additional products, such as sunscreen, atop their aftershave. Even more, they speak to the fine and traditional rituals of wet-shaving.

Santa Maria Novella’s Patchouli Aftershave ticks all the boxes, refreshing, toning and restoring the skin after shaving. Menthol provides a cooling sensation to the skin, while Witch Hazel, amongst its aforementioned benefits, is a natural astringent, tightening pores and controlling the production – and appearance – of oils.

Meanwhile, Lactic Acid - an alpha-hydroxy acid - provides gentle exfoliation to prevent any dead skin buildup. A considered dose of Glycerin to round out this product adds some hydration factor to the skin.

The scent of patchouli is distinctive and highly original, crossing balsamic, ambery, spicy, and smoky impressions - it is a short albeit complex flash of scent. 


Best Aftershave Lotion: Proraso After Shave Lotion: Refreshing

Aftershave Lotions are often discernibly similar to aftershave splashes. In fact, the two terms are often interchanged with each other depending on the company. Both have a lightweight, water-like texture that rapidly absorbs into the skin. Colloquially known as Proraso Green, it is a classic of the category.

Containing no parabens, silicones or mineral oil, this fragrant aftershave lotion uses an alcoholic base that makes it quick and easy to apply. Like splashes, it's best for normal to oily skin types. It is led with an invigorating Eucalyptus aroma that sits between citrus and mint. Reaffirming efficacy in its ubiquity, Witch Hazel tightens the pores, all while providing a soothing sensation to freshly shaved skin. Glycerin imparts a smooth and hydrated feeling while assisting the skin in retaining moisture. 

If eucalyptus isn't your scent, you might be interested in its sibling product: Proraso After Shave Lotion: Coarse Beards, or 'Proraso Red' which has a creamier sandalwood fragrance, enriched with shea butter for an intensely nourishing experience.

Best Aftershave Cream: Santa Maria Novella Before & After Shave Cream

Rich is exactly the way we'd describe this product from Santa Maria Novella, representing the most emollient and occlusive aftershave in our range. Accordingly, it stands alone as one of the only true aftershave creams on the market. For those who desire the tactile confidence in softness, this aftershave cream begins with velvety oils (Squalene, Olus Oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower) enriched with restorative Borage and Evening Primrose, to name a few. These fatty acids hydrate, moisturise, and repair, melting upon application.

In spite of its richness, this cream is not heavy - and a little goes a long way when applied to shaved areas. It readily absorbs into the skin. It is scented with the house's classic Melograno scent, with a refined and softly sweet powdery aroma.

It is vegan, and is free of parabens and alcohol. Whilst we'd tend to recommend this for those with dry skin, we welcome most skin types to give this product a go. Even better, due to the rich nature of this product, it can also be used as an pre-shave ... and a shaving lubricant in a sinch!