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A Moment With: Patrick Kidd

A Moment With: Patrick Kidd

We interviewed the man behind Patricks, Patrick Kidd. A former electrician, a Bondi local, car enthusiast and dad-of-two who has created one of the most sought after luxury men’s haircare and grooming brands globally. Read on to discover more about what makes him tick, his inspirations and what’s next for Patricks the brand.

What have been the biggest breakthroughs or setbacks since launching Patricks?

Our original shampoo/conditioner packaging was an absolute shit fight. We designed it jet-lagged in Chicago and got so caught up in the aesthetics that we kind of forgot about the functionality.

We won a bunch of design awards but got hammered by some of our customers. It was years ago but the CD2 taught us that design must be functional, not just fancy.

That’s why our worst selling, most complained about product was, in a way, our best one. We’ll never make those mistakes again. Different mistakes, bigger mistakes - yes. But not the same mistakes.

The packaging for the range is absolutely stunning … Who’s behind the design and what were your inspirations?

I designed everything from the start to look modern and minimal rather than the usual brown dull colours that most brands use. We decided not to take our inspiration from other men's skincare companies.

Instead, we got it from people and products like Rolex, Porsche, NASA and Apple. We knew that if we followed what was already happening in men's grooming, we’d always be behind the eight ball. So we decided to innovate - to create packaging that didn’t even exist yet.

It took a lot of late nights and expensive decisions, but it led us to our award-winning designs. Everything we do now is either refillable or made from fully recyclable PCR plastics and some of our newer product packing is fully compostable.

What was the stimulus for launching the Patricks Plus range? How long have you been working on it?

In 2021, we won Esquire's award for the best thickening shampoo on the planet with SH1. We were over the moon, and we celebrated like it, too - waking up to the mother of all hangovers. Once I sobered up a bit, I realised that SH1 was now the target for every other men's grooming brand out there. So I made two calls. One to room service for a bloody mary and one to our chemist.

I said I wanted to make another shampoo - the best possible, whatever the cost. The chemist called us crazy, said SH1 is our best-seller. Why would we make another!? But I remembered what happened to Apple in 2006. Back then, the iPod was a must-have device for music. So when Nokia released a phone with a gimmick installed so it could hold six songs, nobody paid much notice.

Except for Steve Jobs.

He knew if they could bump that up to a few hundred, there wouldn't be much of a business for the iPod anymore. So he dropped everything and created the first edition of the iPhone in under a year. In 2022 nearly everyone has an iPhone and we can't remember the last time we saw a Nokia. So I told our Chemist to do it. A shampoo with ingredients and actives that other brands haven't even heard of.

Nearly a year later, this is the result. SH+ and CD+. Unquestionably the best shampoo and conditioner we've ever seen. If you didn't want to spend $95 on a shampoo or conditioner, I wouldn't blame you. But if you want a glimpse into the future, here it is.

If you were only able to use 3 Patricks products for the rest of your life, which 3 would you choose?

ND1, SH Plus and CD Plus.

As a Bondi local can you share your ultimate guide to a day in Sydney’s most famous beachside suburb?

Breakfast at Paris Le-Go cafe, surf, coffee at Makuto, sauna and a swim at the icebergs, lunch at Totti’s, walk around to Bronte via the coastal walk, cocktail at La Palma, dinner at Da Orazio and dessert at Messina.

Now that international borders have opened, have you got any holiday plans?

We have a family trip booked for Fiji in a few weeks.

If you could live anywhere for the next 12 months, where would it be and why?

Bondi, I love it and always have.

Dream 2 car garage?

I kind of have it now with a Brabus tuned 620 BHP Mercedes G63 and a 996 Porsche Turbo, maybe down the line I’d like to get newer versions of each. I’m obsessed with cars and always have been, I love the design and the emotion of driving them fast. I have a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa tattooed on me haha

How has becoming a Dad changed your perspective on life and business?

It’s everything! It’s clipped my wings with some of the travel and parties but hanging with Sylvie and Sash is my favourite thing on the planet. They make me feel old and young at the same time.

Where to from here? What’s next for Patricks the brand?

We have over 30 new products dropping this year alone and as always we’re constantly improving and replacing formulas and packaging with new better technology to be more sustainable and with higher performance.